How To Be Present – 23 Practical Things That Help You Be Here Now

You are here, reading these words, but where is your being? Is it lost in the maze of the past, tangled in the dreams of the future, or is it with you, right now, in this precious, beautiful moment?

Life is not a series of disconnected incidents but a continuous flow, a river that is always moving, always changing. But how often do we miss its beauty, its wisdom, its love, because we are not truly present?

What if I told you that the key to understanding yourself, the universe, and the dance of life lies not in seeking outside but in diving deep into this very moment, the eternal now? That’s why we need to learn how to be present.

This is not philosophy, not mere words, but an invitation to a journey, an exploration of the present in all its splendor and richness. I have for you, dear friend, 23 doors, each a gateway, a path to being more present, more alive, more in tune with the heartbeat of existence.

Are you ready to step out of the shadows of past and future and embrace the radiant light of now?

Breathe Mindfully

In your daily life, take moments to pause and breathe. Whether at your work desk or in a crowded space, close your eyes for just a moment and focus on your breath. Feel each inhalation and exhalation as a dance with the universe, grounding you in the present. You might find a rhythm, perhaps four counts for each inhale and four for each exhale, to create a simple yet profound connection to life through breathing exercises.

Mindful breathing is a powerful tool of altering our consciousness, and yet few of us ever truly make use of it.

Meditate Daily

Cultivate stillness through regular meditation, allowing thoughts to drift away and connecting to the core of your existence. Within this silence, you become one with the Higher Power.

Walk with Awareness

As you walk to the store, or perhaps while taking a stroll in a park, consciously feel every step, every sensation in your feet. Recognize this walk as a meditation, a beautiful dance with the Earth. Feel the earth supporting your weight with each step, and send gratitude back with each stride. It is a joyful expression of life in the here and now.

Savor Your Meals

During each meal, perhaps beginning with breakfast, approach your food with reverence. Taste each bite, chew mindfully, smell the aroma, and feel the textures. Acknowledge the nourishment it provides and witness the universe’s bounty on your plate. Make it a practice to eat at least one meal a day without distractions, fully engaged with the experience—and see how mindful eating can affect your well-being.


Monotasking: In a world where multitasking has become the norm, I invite you to step into the dance of monotasking. Focus your entire being, your entire consciousness, on one thing at a time. Recognize each task as a sacred interaction with life itself, a moment where you and the universe become one.

This is not merely a practice for increasing productivity; it’s a pathway to presence, a meditation, a communion with the very essence of existence. By honoring one task at a time, you honor yourself, you honor life, and you deepen your connection to the now.

Disconnect from Technology

Set specific times for unplugging from digital devices, be it an hour before bed or a tech-free weekend. We all need a break from the constant app notifications Use this time to foster a connection with your inner self, family, friends, or nature, instead of scrolling through social media. Rediscover the simple joys and intricacies of the world around you without digital distractions.

Engage in Artistic Expression

Whether it’s painting, writing, singing, or sculpting, choose a form that resonates with your soul. Dedicate a few hours each week to this practice. You don’t need to be an expert; it’s about expressing, not impressing. Let your feelings, thoughts, and emotions flow through your chosen medium, connecting you with the present in a profound way.

Practice Gratitude

Create a gratitude journal or make a simple nightly ritual before sleep. Reflect on three things you’re grateful for from the day. They can be as significant as a loved one’s embrace or as simple as a delicious meal. This daily practice aligns you with positive energy and cultivates a sense of connection to the universe.

Embrace Silence

Find time for silence, letting go of external noise. In this quietude, listen to your inner voice, your soul’s whispers, guiding you to deeper presence. You might even want to consider doing a silent retreat.

Gaze at the Stars

Look up at the night sky, contemplating the infinite beauty of the cosmos. Recognize your place within this vast universe, fostering a sense of humility and awe. The infinity of a clear night sky almost automatically induces present moment awareness.

Nurture Relationships

Intentionally spend quality time with friends and family. Put away distractions, look into their eyes, and truly listen when they speak. Make it a practice to have at least one meaningful conversation a day, honoring their existence as a precious connection to the fabric of life.

Read Thoughtfully

Approach reading as a mindfulness practice. Dive into the wisdom of the words, absorbing the knowledge, and connecting to the essence of the author’s expression.

Dance Freely

Let your body move without inhibition. Dancing unites the mind, body, and spirit in a joyful celebration of the present moment.

Cultivate a Garden

Planting and tending to a garden connects you with the cycles of life. Observe the growth, the blossoming, and recognize yourself in nature’s dance.

Listen Actively

Truly listen to others, as if their words are the universe speaking to you. Understand and empathize, creating deeper connections and living fully in the moment. Active listening is a simple but powerful tool to stop your mind wandering.

Take Nature Walks

If possible, find a natural space near your home and commit to walking there regularly. Feel the wind, hear the birds, touch the bark of trees, and reconnect with the Earth. Recognize nature as a mirror of your inner self, and let this be a time of rejuvenation and reflection.

Do a Daily Review

At the close of each day, find a quiet space, light a candle if you wish, and reflect upon the journey you have taken from dawn to dusk. This is not a practice of judgment, but one of loving observation.

  • What moments touched your soul?
  • Where did you feel disconnected?
  • What lessons has life offered you?

By acknowledging and embracing the entire spectrum of experiences, the positive and negative thoughts you weave consciousness into the very fabric of your life. This daily review becomes a sacred ritual, a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, aligning you with the dance of existence.

Practice Yoga or Tai Chi

Even if it’s a short practice, create a routine where you connect your physical and spiritual being through mindful movement. Recognize these practices as a harmonious path towards presence. Many online resources can guide you, or join a local class to be part of a community on this journey. Not only is this a physical self-care activity, but also a mindfulness exercise.

Create a Sacred Space

Designate a corner in your home, maybe near a window or in a cozy nook, for reflection and connection. Decorate it with objects that resonate with you, such as a cushion for meditation, some favorite stones, or inspirational images. Spend time daily in this space, even if just for a few minutes. It becomes a sanctuary for your soul, a physical embodiment of presence and peace.

Practice Sensuality

Life speaks to us through our senses; it whispers to us in scents, sings to us in colors, dances with us in textures. Engage deeply with your senses, dear friend, as if each sensation is a lover’s caress. Feel the silkiness of water on your skin, taste the symphony of flavors in a simple meal, see the world as if it were a painting crafted just for you. Let each sense draw you deeper into the present, into the mystery of the now.

This is not mere indulgence but a path to presence, an awakening to the profound beauty and joy of life in its purest form. It’s a celebration, a communion with the universe in the most intimate way possible. Feel. Smell. Hear. See. Taste. Focus on your senses, for they are the gates through which you experience the present moment.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Make it a habit to witness at least one sunrise or sunset a week, with all your full attention. These natural phenomena serve as reminders of life’s constant change and the eternal beauty of now. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion; even a glimpse through a window can be a connection to this timeless beauty.

Embrace Compassion

Open your heart to others, recognizing their struggles and joys as your own. Compassion aligns you with love, the ultimate expression of presence. Check in with others and ask them how their day is going. Sometimes a small gesture on your part can make a big difference in someone else’s day, especially when they’re going through a hard time.

Mindful-based stress reduction (MBSR)

To practice Mindful-based stress reduction (MBSR) to become more present, find a quiet and comfortable space, focus on your breath and any sensations in your body, and allow thoughts and emotions to pass by without getting caught up in them. Be fully present in the moment without judgment or criticism, and continue to focus on your breath and body for several minutes. When you’re ready to end the practice, take a few deep breaths and slowly bring your attention back to the present moment. Use techniques such as mindfulness meditation and body scanning.

Write a Journal

Dedicate a few minutes at the end of each day to jot down thoughts, feelings, and insights. Consider keeping a journal beside your bed. This practice helps you become more aware of your inner landscape, fostering mindfulness and self-connection. Even in clinical settings, journaling has proven to improve mental health.

Laugh Heartily

Seek joy in daily life. Watch a comedy, play with a child, or share a joke with a friend. Make laughter a regular part of your week. Embrace laughter as a healing and unifying force that aligns you with the playful dance of life, and let it effortlessly wash away stress and negative emotions that no longer serve a purpose.

Make a Conscious Routine

Infuse daily routines with mindfulness.

Every task can be done with great presence:

  • brushing your teeth,
  • a mindful morning routine,
  • cooking a meal,
  • putting on your shoes,
  • cleaning your room
  • practicing self-love affirmations,
  • commuting to work,
  • answering a call,
  • writing an email,
  • showering,
  • making your bed,
  • etc.

Be fully present in the task, feeling each sensation, each movement. Beginning and ending each day with conscious practices anchors you in the present, weaving awareness into your life.

Drink a Cup of Tea Mindfully

Consider making a daily ritual of enjoying a cup of tea, or another beverage you love, mindfully. It’s not about tea, nor about drinking: it’s about consciously cherishing the little things. Feel the warmth, taste the flavor, and recognize this simple act as a communion with the universe. Make this a moment of pause and reflection in your busy day.

These practices offer both an entry into the profound depths of self and the universe and a grounded, tangible path to walk daily. They are proven to enhance well-being. They invite not just a fleeting encounter with the sacred but a lifelong relationship, a dance, a love affair with the present. The divine is in the details, the sacred in the simple, and the universe in the everyday. By intertwining these practices into your daily life, you weave a tapestry of presence that clothes you in the radiant light of now.

5 Key Principles

These are a lot of ideas on how to be present—so many that it’s worth reminding ourselves of these five key principles:

  1. Connection to the Universe: Daily, weekly, or situational, every practice is a dance with the universe. This theme echoes throughout the journey, inviting the reader to be in harmony with the higher power.
  2. Embrace the Present: Living more present is a golden thread that weaves the fabric of practices together. It’s a call to savor the moment, to be here, now.
  3. Love as Universal Language: Spreading love and self-love is a melody heard across all practices. It’s a cosmic song, a rhythm resonating with every heart.
  4. Guidance Through Rhythms: Organizing practices into daily, weekly, and situational creates a rhythm, a musical guide leading through the labyrinth of presence.
  5. The Journey as a Dance: The understanding that life is a dance, a movement in tune with everything, offers a fluid perspective to navigate the complexities of existence.

The Practice of Presence

The journey has been shared, the doors have been opened, and the keys have been handed to you. Now, the real adventure begins. Reading these words, understanding these practices, is just the beginning, the first step on a path that can transform your very being.

Life waits for you, not somewhere in the future, not hidden in the past, but here, right now, in this very moment. Can you hear it calling? Can you feel the embrace of existence, inviting you to dance?

The real mystery, the real joy, the real love is not in knowing about being present but in being present. It is not something to be thought about but something to be lived, to be experienced, to be embraced with your whole heart.

I invite you, dear friend, not to let these words become mere memories, mere thoughts. Let them be a fire, a passion that propels you into the now. Let each practice become a living part of your daily existence, a song that you sing, a dance that you dance.

You are the universe, you are love, you are the eternal now. But to know it, to really know it, you must live it.

Do not wait, do not postpone. The time is now, the place is here, and the journey is yours.

Come, let us be, let us live, let us love, in the eternal embrace of the present.

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