88 Ways to Make Someone Happy

Welcome, dear reader, to a journey that transcends the boundaries of age, culture, and circumstance. The quest for happiness is a universal endeavor, a common thread that weaves through the tapestry of human existence.

Why 88 ways, you may wonder? Just as a piano has 88 keys, each capable of producing a unique sound, so too are there myriad ways to create happiness. Each key, each way, contributes to the grand symphony of joy that fills our lives.

Why Make Someone Happy? Beyond the Obvious Benefits

If you’re reading this, you probably already have your own good reason to make someone happy. But I want to offer you more, because I believe the world can be a fundamentally better place with each person who makes another person a little happier each day.

Personal Growth

Making someone else happy often leads to self-discovery. You learn about your own values, limitations, and strengths in the process, and become more centered.

Improved Mental Health

Acts of kindness release endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. They also decrease stress hormones, improving your mental well-being, and help you get out of a rut.

Strengthened Relationships

Making someone happy usually strengthens your relationship with them. It fosters trust, mutual respect, non-judgment and a sense of connectedness.

Networking and Opportunities

Kindness and the happiness it brings can expand your social and professional network. People are more likely to collaborate or assist someone they associate with positive experiences.

Skill Enhancement

The process often involves effective communication, active listening, and problem-solving skills, all of which are valuable in any setting.

Increased Longevity

Studies have shown that acts of kindness can actually improve your physical health, potentially leading to a longer life.


While the goal is to make someone else happy, it’s often the case that good deeds are reciprocated. This isn’t the primary reason to act, but it is a nice side effect.

Self-Esteem Boost

Successfully making someone happy can give you a sense of accomplishment, which is a powerful boost to your self-esteem.

Social Harmony

On a larger scale, making people happy contributes to social harmony and living more intentionally. Happy people are less likely to engage in conflict, making communities safer and more pleasant to live in.

Economic Benefits

Happy people are generally more productive, which has a positive impact on the economy. Whether in a workplace or community setting, increased productivity often leads to tangible benefits for everyone involved.

Making someone happy doesn’t just benefit the recipient; it has a multitude of advantages for you as well. From personal growth to economic benefits, the act of bringing joy to others enriches your life in ways you might not have considered. So, the next time you have the opportunity to make someone happy, remember that the benefits extend far beyond the immediate joy you bring.

Simple Pleasures (Ways 1-22)

Even the smallest gestures can illuminate someone’s day. Here are the 22 ways:

  1. Smile
    • A genuine smile can instantly lift someone’s spirits. It’s a universal sign of goodwill.
  2. Compliments
    • A well-timed compliment can make someone’s day. Be sincere and specific in your praise.
  3. Active Listening
    • Show that you care by truly listening when someone is speaking. Make eye contact and nod to show understanding.
  4. Text Check-In
    • A simple “How are you?” text can go a long way in showing someone that you’re thinking of them.
  5. Hold the Door
    • This small act of courtesy can make someone feel respected and valued.
  6. Say Thank You
    • Expressing gratitude not only makes the other person feel appreciated but also boosts your own mood.
  7. Share a Joke
    • Laughter is a quick route to happiness. Share a funny joke or meme to lighten the mood.
  8. Give a Hug
    • Physical touch, like a warm hug, can be incredibly comforting.
  9. Make a Playlist
    • Create a playlist of uplifting or meaningful songs and share it.
  10. Share a Book or Article
    • If you read something inspiring or interesting, pass it along.
  11. Cook a Meal
    • Preparing a simple meal or snack for someone can be a heartfelt gesture.
  12. Offer a Beverage
    • Offering a cup of tea, coffee, or even a glass of water can be a simple yet thoughtful act.
  13. Leave a Kind Note
    • A handwritten note or message can make a lasting impression.
  14. Share a Resource
    • If someone is looking for a job, a recipe, or any kind of information, help them find it.
  15. Be Punctual
    • Showing up on time shows respect for the other person’s time.
  16. Help with a Small Task
    • Offer to carry a bag, hold an umbrella, or perform any small, helpful task.
  17. Celebrate Small Wins
    • Acknowledge and celebrate even the minor achievements of others.
  18. Be Polite
    • Saying “please” and “sorry” can make interactions more pleasant.
  19. Offer Your Seat
    • If someone looks like they could use a seat, offer yours.
  20. Introduce Them to Someone
    • If you think two people could benefit from knowing each other, make the introduction.
  21. Share a Positive Quote
    • Sometimes a few wise words can provide a lot of encouragement.
  22. Be There
    • Sometimes just being there, without doing anything in particular, is enough to make someone happy.

These simple pleasures are like the small, bright flowers that adorn the meadows—each one small but collectively capable of creating a landscape of joy. Feel free to adapt these suggestions to fit the unique needs and preferences of those you wish to make happy.

Thoughtful Actions (Ways 23-44)

  1. Random Acts of Kindness
    • Surprise someone with an unexpected gesture, like paying for their coffee or leaving a kind note on their desk.
  2. Giving Time
    • Dedicate quality time to someone, whether it’s a long conversation, a walk, or a day out doing something they love.
  3. Material Gifts
    • Give thoughtful gifts that show you know and appreciate the other person, such as a book you know they’ll love.
  4. Write a Letter
    • In the digital age, a handwritten letter can be a treasured gift. Take the time to put your feelings into words.
  5. Plan a Surprise
    • Organize a surprise that you know will make the other person happy, like a small party or a day trip.
  6. Cook a Special Meal
    • Go beyond the basics and prepare a meal featuring the person’s favorite dishes.
  7. Create a Memory Book
    • Compile photos, mementos, or notes that bring back happy memories.
  8. Offer a Skill
    • If you have a special skill, like photography or gardening, offer to share it with them.
  9. Help with Chores
    • Assist with household tasks that you know the other person dislikes.
  10. Run an Errand
    • Offer to go grocery shopping, or run another errand the person needs to complete.
  11. Pet Care
    • Offer to take care of their pet while they are busy or out of town.
  12. Childcare
    • Offer to babysit to give parents a much-needed break.
  13. Work Assistance
    • Help with a project or task at work, if appropriate.
  14. Plan a Movie Night
    • Choose a selection of films and snacks for a cozy night in.
  15. Be a Workout Buddy
    • Offer to exercise together to make the experience more enjoyable.
  16. Send a Care Package
    • Put together a package of their favorite snacks, self-care items, or other goodies.
  17. Personalized Playlist or Mixtape
    • Create a playlist tailored to their musical tastes or mood.
  18. Book or Movie Recommendations
    • Suggest books or movies you think they would enjoy, based on what you know about them.
  19. Plan a Future Event
    • Discuss and make plans for a future outing or event that you can both look forward to.
  20. Offer Emotional Support
    • Be there to offer a listening ear and emotional support during tough times.
  21. Help with a Big Task
    • Offer your assistance with a significant task they have been putting off, like organizing a room.
  22. Create a Personalized Coupon Book
    • Make a booklet of “coupons” for different favors or activities they can redeem.

These thoughtful actions are like the deeper hues in a painting, adding richness and depth to the canvas of your relationships. Each one requires a bit more effort but has the potential to make a significant impact. Feel free to adapt these to the specific needs and preferences of those you aim to make happy.

Shared Experiences (Ways 45-66)

These are activities that not only bring joy but also strengthen the bond between you and the other person. Here are ways 45-66:

  1. Outdoor Activities
    • Plan a day of hiking, biking, or a simple picnic in the park.
  2. Storytelling
    • Share personal stories or even fictional tales around a campfire or during a quiet evening.
  3. Shared Meals
    • Plan a special dinner or even just a casual meal to enjoy together.
  4. Attend a Live Event
    • Go to a concert, play, or sports event that you both enjoy.
  5. Travel Together
    • Plan a weekend getaway or even a day trip to explore a new place.
  6. Cook or Bake Together
    • Spend time in the kitchen creating a meal or dessert from scratch.
  7. Game Night
    • Organize a night of board games or video games.
  8. Visit a Museum or Gallery
    • Spend a day appreciating art or history.
  9. Go to the Movies
    • Pick a film you’re both interested in and make a movie date.
  10. Photography Day
    • Take a day to capture photos of places or things you both find interesting.
  11. Volunteer Together
    • Choose a cause you both care about and spend a day helping out.
  12. Work on a DIY Project
    • Build or create something together, like a piece of furniture or a scrapbook.
  13. Go Shopping
    • Whether it’s grocery shopping or window shopping, make it a shared experience.
  14. Attend a Workshop or Class
    • Learn something new together, like cooking or painting.
  15. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset
    • A simple yet magical experience that requires only your time, attention, and presence.
  16. Exercise Together
    • Whether it’s a gym session or a yoga class, working out is more fun together.
  17. Plan a Themed Night
    • Pick a theme, like ’80s movies or Italian cuisine, and plan an evening around it.
  18. Visit a Local Tourist Attraction
    • Be tourists in your own town and visit a local landmark or attraction.
  19. Go to a Zoo or Aquarium
    • Spend a day appreciating animals and nature.
  20. Attend a Festival or Fair
    • Enjoy the festivities of a local or cultural event.
  21. Stargazing
    • Spend an evening looking at the stars, perhaps with a telescope if available.
  22. Create a Time Capsule
    • Collect items that represent your current lives and seal them to open in the future.

These shared experiences are like the threads that weave the fabric of your relationship, each one adding texture and color to the tapestry of your shared life. Feel free to adapt these activities to suit the interests and preferences of those you wish to make happy.

Deep Connections (Ways 67-88)

These are actions and activities that go beyond the surface, fostering a deeper emotional bond between you and the other person. Here are ways 67-88:

  1. Deep Conversations
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue about life, dreams, or even challenges.
  2. Acts of Service
    • Offer to help in ways that are significant, such as helping with a move or a big project.
  3. Emotional Support
    • Be there during tough times, offering a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.
  4. Share Personal Goals
    • Discuss your aspirations and how you can support each other in achieving them.
  5. Be Vulnerable
    • Open up about your fears and insecurities, creating a safe space for them to do the same.
  6. Spiritual Connection
    • If applicable, engage in spiritual or meditative practices together.
  7. Family Involvement
    • Take part in each other’s family events or traditions.
  8. Financial Support
    • Help each other in managing or planning finances, if appropriate.
  9. Health and Wellness
    • Support each other’s physical and mental well-being, perhaps through doctor visits or therapy.
  10. Conflict Resolution
    • Learn how to resolve disagreements in a healthy and constructive way.
  11. Long-Term Planning
    • Discuss and plan for your shared future, whether it’s a vacation or a life milestone.
  12. Personal Growth
    • Encourage and support each other’s personal development and learning.
  13. Trust Building
    • Engage in activities that build trust, like problem-solving or teamwork exercises.
  14. Mutual Learning
    • Teach each other something new, whether it’s a skill or a subject of interest.
  15. Social Support
    • Be each other’s plus-one at social events and gatherings.
  16. Celebrate Achievements
    • Make a big deal out of each other’s accomplishments, no matter how small.
  17. Regular Check-ins
    • Regularly discuss the state of your relationship and how it can be improved.
  18. Shared Responsibilities
    • Share household or work-related responsibilities to strengthen your partnership.
  19. Quality Time
    • Dedicate time regularly to just be together, without distractions.
  20. Affection and Intimacy
    • Maintain physical closeness, whether it’s cuddling or holding hands.
  21. Mutual Respect
    • Show respect for each other’s opinions, even when you disagree.
  22. Unconditional Love
    • Love and accept each other without conditions or limitations.

These deep connections are the strong pillars that support the structure of your relationship, each one adding stability and depth. They require more effort and emotional investment but offer the reward of a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Feel free to adapt these to the specific needs and preferences of those you aim to make happy.

Now Make Someone Happy

By revisiting the 88 ways to make someone happy, you have not only a roadmap, but a call to action to make someone happy. Became the captain of your own ship of joy.

The power to transform lives—yours and those around you—lies within these simple yet profound actions that can brighten up other people’s days.

As you close this page, remember that the next chapter is yours to write. Will you take that first step? Will you share your story? The universe awaits your answer, and in that answer, the promise of a happier world.

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